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Monday, April 15, 2013

TGFG: Thank Goodness For Grass!

Yesterday was a big day in our farming calendar here at Terravita Farms. We anticipate it every year but with hay prices as high as $9.50 a square bale and $90.00 a round bale our favorite past time lately has been walking the pastures and watching the grass grow. Yesterday afternoon we decided the time had come and we spent the remaining daylight putting up the portable electric fences we use to keep the animals in, moving stock tanks for water, feed bowls, batteries, and various other things necessary for a move from haylot to pasture. When the time came the cows literally stampeded to their appointed square of grass--have you ever seen a bull kick up his heels? Stand back! The sheep didn't have to be asked twice, and the lambs, having only nibbled on bits of grass here and there in their winter lot didn't need any training on how to put their noses to ground and tear off mouthfuls of green goodness. 
This morning, when checking to make sure everyone was still where they were supposed to be after their first night in new surroundings, I was greeted by the following scenes. I'm sure if they could smile, they would all have been grinning wide!

**For best effect, click on the pictures to 'biggify'**
The Terravita Farms Randall herd--all 9 of them!

Lucien, the bull, leads the girls.
Guys always have to flex their muscles . . .

Last fall's 4 calves, "Hey, let's see who that is!"

"Hey, move over!"

"Would you tell her to move over?"

"Ok, I guess we have to yell!"

Mother and daughter, Jacob sheep.

Priscilla, Shetland ewe, "Wait a second, I need a scratch!"

Jasper, Shetland wether. "Yes, it's that good and it's all mine, mine!"

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