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Friday, February 15, 2013

The 'Turducken Egg Sampler'

Terravita Farms is taking a twist on the famous--or infamous--Thanksgiving dish, 'turducken' with our own 'Turducken Egg Sampler'. Rather than having a duck stuffed into a chicken stuffed into a turkey, we're offering a dozen eggs--4 turkey, duck and chicken respectively. This makes a unique gift and an excellent way to experiment with new types of eggs. All the eggs come from our own free-range, pasture-raised birds. Stop by The Going Green store in Granville, OH to pick up a dozen.

In addition to the 'Turducken Egg Sampler', we'll also be supplying The Going Green store with duck eggs by the dozen beginning this weekend.

The 'Turducken Egg Sampler' (from left to right, chicken (4), turkey (4) and duck (4) eggs)