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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Terravita Farms Yarn!

We're so excited to share our full line of yarn with everyone.  We raise two breeds of sheep at the farm, Shetlands and Jacobs. Shetlands are generally (not always) solid and come in 11 natural colors. The colors are shades from white to black and from the lightest champagne to the darkest brown. Jacobs on the other hand are always spotted, black/white or 'lilac/white'('lilac' in Jacobs is considered a light gray color). People usually mix the two colors during processing and the resulting yarn comes in a variety of shades, all with a distinctly heathered appearance.
We've recently launched our full line of yarn and have it all available for sale on Local Harvest for online ordering, or, if you're in the Granville, OH area you can purchase it at The Going Green Store. The colors are completely natural--never dyed. In addition to the 100% pure Shetland and Jacob yarns, we added two luxurious blends: Jacob /Angora and Jacob / Silk. 
All the yarns are 3-ply worsted weight with the exception of the 100% Jacob which is 3-ply bulky weight. The skeins weigh 4 ounces each. We shear sheep each spring and send the raw fiber to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers in Sardinia, Ohio to be scoured, carded, spun and plied into beautiful yarn. I think you'll agree that the colors are simply irresistible!
A selection of Terravita Farms' yarns.
100% Pure Shetland Sheep yarn --brown heather
100% Pure Shetland Sheep yarn --dark brown heather
100% Pure Shetland Sheep yarn --white
Jacob Sheep / Mulberry Silk blend (85% / 15%)
Jacob Sheep / Rabbit Angora blend (95% / 5%)

100% Pure Jacob Sheep yarn, bulky weight

Photographing the yarn and creating as true-to-life an image of each skein as possible was undertaken by David Patrick of David Patrick Photography. He used the white-box product photography method and we think achieved beguiling results. Thanks David!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Randall Cattle: New Arrivals!

It's now been 2 years since we started our Randall Cattle breeding program here at Terravita Farms. We started with 4 cows and now have doubled our herd to 8, with another calf shortly on the way. It's been an exciting ride helping to preserve this highly endangered--and highly beautiful cattle breed. We have 3 calves on the ground at the moment, 2 heifers and bull. If the law of averages plays out, the next one on the way will be a bull too.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 CSA Sign-up Begins!

Happy New Year! This is, of course, the time for resolutions. A resolution I heard all too often at my farmers' market stand this past season was "I wish I had signed-up for a CSA sooner--by the time I got around to it they were all full."

January officially kicks-off the CSA sign-up season at Terravita Farms. Send in your contracts and come June, you'll be awash in fresh veggies from Terravita Farms. Head over to our website (, click on the 'CSA' tab and print the form. This year we're cutting back a little so we can take more time with our little guy who just turned 3. As such, we'll only be servicing the Granville Farmers' Market, so spots will be especially tight.

Best wishes to everyone in 2013!