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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Time to Winterize!

We’ve already had a couple frosty mornings so that’s my cue to begin winterizing the barn and livestock before it’s too late. My new favorite gadget this season is the ‘ThermoCube’ from Premier Fencing. It’s a little rectangle that you plug into an electrical outlet. Once plugged in you can then plug up to two heating devices into it. If it lives up to its description (I’ve already bought two) it should “automatically turn on at temperatures less than 35 degrees and off at 45 degrees”. This means I shouldn’t have frozen water tanks this winter and I’ll save on electrical bills! Since I can distinctly remember the feel of the sting of the cold on my frozen hands while pulling out chunks of ice from stock tank after stock tank I can’t wait to be relieved of that duty! Aside from the use I’ve already assigned the two I have waiting in my barn, the ThermoCube is also useful for heat lamps and pond de-icers. What tips do you have for beating the cold?