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Sunday, April 14, 2013

68th Annual Granville Garden Club Daffodil Show

This weekend was the 68th Granville Daffodil Show, at Bryn Du Mansion, an event I always look forward to--even more so since Terravita Farms began growing daffodils for florists two years ago. My appreciation for and admiration of the daffodil continues to grow! 

Before I get to the pictures I'd like to share a happy coincidence that took place at the show. As I was getting ready to leave I decided I would wear a daffodil in the lapel of my jacket. I have quite a few daffodil bouquets in the house and was debating the strengths of the various flowers I had to choose from and finally settled on 'Accent'. I felt 'Accent' had something unique to offer as the clear white petals surround a trumpet that begins as yellow at the base, changes to gold near the middle, and finally ends in salmon, quite striking. The last room of the show has individual daffodils displayed in vases and each variety is available to pre-order as bulbs for fall planting. I noticed that one vase had a picture of the daffodil variety rather than a real flower--and that daffodil just happened to be 'Accent', the one in my lapel! I offered to give my flower to the show and it was quickly placed in the vase and exchanged with the picture--what a happy coincidence!

What follows, in no particular order, are a series of displays I found beautiful, interesting, and or eye-catching. Enjoy.

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